Daniel Ferguson

Daniel Ferguson

President / Lead Foreman

Daniel was introduced to the roofing industry at a young age and started at the bottom as a helper, then progressed quickly into being a roofing mechanic.

Over the years he has become highly skilled in all aspects of the roofing industry.
To this day, he will without hesitation, get on a roof to work. inspect, teach and supervise his
employees to ensure proper procedures are being implemented.
His hands on attitude is a prime example of why this company is in existence.
Through the years he has installed many different roofing materials including modified roofing, EPDM, shingles, slate, metal, standing seam metal and cedar in a residential and commercial setting. . He feels experience is the key to a successful business.
He is a fair and honest individual that treats his customers as he would like to be treated.
His skill in this profession coupled with his entrepreneurial persona lead him to establishing
this company that has evolved into what it is today.

Want to have a one on one conversation with Daniel? Just give him a call!

(800) 928-3034