Would you like more natural light in your home during the day? Would you enjoy being able to see the broad expanse of stars above your home at night? A skylight installed by  SKYLIMITLESS ROOFING will do the trick!

Adding a skylight to your GTA home will increase natural light intake during the day and give you a beautiful view of the night sky as well


By installing a skylight onto your home, SKYLIMITLESS ROOFING can even help decrease your energy costs while increasing your home’s curb appeal. The increase in natural light that adding skylight will provide will lower your energy costs by decreasing the amount of time that your homes electric lights need to be on.

Increasing natural light can also improve your health. Studies have shown that increasing the amount of natural light that your body is exposed to can improve the production of important vitamins such as vitamin D.


Save on energy costs and make your home more beautiful by installing a skylight today! Call us at (800) 928-3034 or email